Self-Inflicted Wounds

With Each Roundup Verdict, Bayer’s Monsanto Purchase Looks Worse Facing billions of dollars in glyphosate lawsuits, the company may not survive a self-inflicted wound. By Caroline Winter and Tim Loh September 19, 2019, 12:01 AM EDT Bayer CEO Werner Baumann PHOTOGRAPHER: GENE GLOVER In July 2018, a baby-faced lawyer named R. Brent Wisner seized the … Continue reading Self-Inflicted Wounds

Business Is Really Hard. Munger on Natural Atrophy

Both things happen: The old places get pompous and weak, and the external climate gets tough. And the combination—Fuji [ Fujifilm Holdings Corp. ] didn’t do away with [Eastman] Kodak [Co.]! What did away with Kodak was the new technology that didn’t use silver iodide film. Digital photography. Fuji dented it with their competition. But they, but Kodak … Continue reading Business Is Really Hard. Munger on Natural Atrophy

Enron Investors Strike Deal With Ex-CEO To End 16-Year Saga – Law360

Former Enron Corp. CEO Jeffrey Skilling cut a deal that ends a 16-year-old lawsuit brought by a group of investors over losses on $120 million of Enron debt purchased shortly before the energy giant's 2001 collapse, according to filings made Friday in New York federal court. — Read on

Accounting Fraud In Huge M&A. You have to, you know, actually look to see what’s under the rock

Apotheker is Worst Ever Autonomy's Ex-CFO Convicted Of Fraud Linked To HP Deal - Law360 Ex-Autonomy CEO Faces $5B Trial Over HP Accounting Fraud - Law360 He Didn´t try to kill HP. He just wants to implemente wrong ideas and concepts. The abandon of WebOs and their line of products was such a great … Continue reading Accounting Fraud In Huge M&A. You have to, you know, actually look to see what’s under the rock

TransImperfect – Business Divorce Roadma

Sad story.  Great lessons herein.   Inside The Nasty Corporate Divorce Between Ex-Lovers Who Built A Company Worth Nearly $1 Billion Final chapter in TransPerfect saga has been written—at last Great overview NY Biz Divorce Locked in Corporate Hell Bitter Feud Between Deadlocked 50_50 Owners Leads Court to Order Sale of Lucrative Company TransPerfect Mom Wants … Continue reading TransImperfect – Business Divorce Roadma

You get the shareholders you deserve Churchill: We shape our buildings, then our buildings shape us.   BRK: 2014 Annual Report and Cunningham on BRK.  Culture is the most important thing. Get the shareholders you deserve. Lawrence Cunningham_ How the unique Warren Buffett shareholder has built and preserved Berkshire _ Warren Buffett _ Warren Buffett, corporate culture guru _ … Continue reading You get the shareholders you deserve